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How long will your coating last?

Our coating can last up to years with a proper maintenance plan, so it is important to bring your car back for your complimentary wash and wax service! Despite this, the longevity of your coating is still highly dependent on the sun, UV rays and even how you wash your car.

Why is 3M™ Paint Coating Protection better than others?

3M™ Paint Coating Protection has been tested and proven to show good UV resistance against paint work decolorization. Expect lesser watermarks and stains on your car because of the coating's super hydrophobic(water repellent) properties!

How long will the application take?

It usually takes 4 to 6 hours on average, depending on the condition of your car. We would inform you if it would require more time.

I have a scratch on my car, can you guarantee you can remove it?

It depends on how deep the scratch. We would need to assess it beforehand if it can be worked on. If the scratch is too deep that your car's metal base is exposed, we would have to suggest that you send your car to be resprayed. 
However, if the scratched can be worked on. We will try our best to remove as much of it if not all.

My Car is between 2-4 months old, can I still qualify for the New Car Discount/Promotions?

There will not be any New Car Discount/Promotions for cars that are more than 2 months old.

Can I leave my car overnight, and collect the next day?

Can, but customer need to collect their car in the morning on the next day.

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